What to look for on a ball band of your yarn skein

Before you head to the Yarn Store .....

I wanted to take a moment to share simple but useful information before you grab that new skein. As it doesn't always have to be the acrylic or wool.

The ball bands on a skein of yarn gives information to knitters so they know what needle to use with a project. Once understanding the ball band and the conversion will open many skeins and your imagination.

Yarn Conversion:

Yarn : 4 ply lt wt dk(double knit) med aran chunky

Needle: 2-4 loom 3/8, 3/16, 1/4" 4 ply and lite weight

needle 5-6 loom 1/2, 9/16" dk

needle 6-7 loom 5/8, 11/16" medium

needle 8-9 loom 5/8, 11/16' aran

needle 10 loom 3/4, 7/8" chunky

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