To swatch or not to swatch ....

Hey Loomers!

I'll be honest, I'm the first person to skip this step but it's so important. Not saying you're going to set yourself up for failure if you skip it but it'll avoid the unwinding of your project and save you time. If an idea comes to mind or just bought a brand new skein of yarn, I've been dying to try I immediately want to get the loom, hook, and start knitting. Then, we "frog" it. Stop and Swatch!

Take the time to see and feel the yarn, loom, and the stitch you chose before making the project.

First, knit a swatch using the exact stitch, yarn, and loom you would be using for your project. This will let you see exactly how it will look when finished.

The swatch is usually 4" but for best results using 6-8" is recommended. Blocking the swatch is a great best practice especially if you are creating a clothing project.

Rule of thumb, create a swatch for any item that needs to be a certain size.

Just remember, STOP AND SWATCH.

Happy Looming!

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