Resources to help you create your own stitches and patterns

Want to create your own stitches, charts and patterns?

At BOHLD we realized that we could combine our passion (background) in fashion and love for loom knitting to create and look beyond the loom.

We quickly started to see the endless (unlimited) possibilities of what we could create.

Unfortunately, you can find stitches everywhere for loom knitters but, no real resource on creating a stitch, chart or pattern. Even resources on how to write a pattern for others to loom knit is limited.

We've been creating new items for years now it's our time to share our patterns. We turned to traditional knitters resources to learn, grow and achieve. We are not the experts but we will continue to share our resources and knowledge as it grows.

If interested or curious about creating your own the Vogue Knitting The Ultimate Knitting Book is a must-have for garments.

Pattern Writing The beginner guide to writing knitting patterns by Kate Atherley is a great tool to own.

So many great tidbits on pattern writing for others to knit. Sister Mountain Blog is a great resource on stitch and pattern design. She also has great information on sharing successfully on Ravelry.

We hope we can open eyes and minds to what can be created loom knitting as it is so much more than a hat, scarf or sock.

We hope to inspire others to imagine, explore and create.

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