Loom Knitting Terminology

Anchor peg: the peg on side of the loom; remove anchor after knitting a few rows.
Anchor yarn: it is used with rakes(knitting boards); wrap yarn three times around loom this will set stitches.
Bind off(b/o): when the project is complete securing the last row of knitting and removing from the loom.
Cast on (℅): to begin a project on the loom you will set up your first loops to begin your project. Each peg and each loop equals one stitch.
Center Double Decrease(cdd): to decrease in center; move stitch from right peg to center peg then move the stitch from the left peg to the center peg, wrap all 3 and knit together.
Dropped stitch: a stitch that falls causing a knit to unravel.
Double E wrap (dew): gives a mesh appearance
E wrap peg, knit off, E wrap same peg knit off.
Duplicate stitch: when you hand knit over the same stitch with a contrasting color.
E wrap Stitch (EW) : looks like a cursive “e”
Fair Isle: technique used creating patterns with multiple colors also referred to as “ stranded color work”
Felting: a process that caused natural fiber (wool) to fray slightly fusing the fibers together; a cotton candy effect
Frog: to undo or unravel a project
K3tog/P3tog: move loop from peg 2 to peg 3. Move loop from peg 1 to peg 3. Loop from peg 3 at the bottom. Knit(purl) all 3 loops as one
K2tog yo: creates a right lean; over 2 pegs move the loop from yo peg to the right (k2tog peg) knit off peg with 2 loops and ew empty peg.
K2togtbl: ewrap peg and knit it; move stitch from 1st and 2nd peg ewrap 2nd peg has 3 loops lift bottom 2 loops up and off.
P2togtbl: ewrap peg and purl it; move stitch from 1st and 2nd peg ewrap 2nd peg has 3 loops lift bottom 2 loops up and off.
Psso: pass slip stitch overSlip go behind peg wrap next one knit off move loop to slip peg and knit
skp(o): slip 1, knit 1, pass over
s2kp: slip 2 stitches together knit 1Skip first stitch knit (1 or 2) move stitches back to peg 1 and pass first stitch over pegs 2 and 3
(Ssk) slip slip knit: odd pegs to even pegs; yo on empty pegs
Yo ssk: creates a left lean; over 2 pegs move loop from yo peg to the left (ssk peg); ewrap ssk peg and the empty peg(yo) knit off on ssk peg.
Ssp: same as ssk except purl the stitch (purl gives a left lean)
Schematic: a diagram used for patterns.
Swatch: best practice is a 4 x 4 for stitch or color to see the results prior to creating a project
True knit stitch(k): classic knit stitch
U knit (aka Flat knit) (u): a shorter and tighter stitch. Above the top loop wrap working yarn around the peg; lift the bottom loop over and off.
Wyif: don’t wrap peg or knit peg bring yarn in front of the peg and knit the next peg. When you come back in the next row to it, move the yarn below the loop and knit.
Wyib: don’t wrap the peg where the slip stitch is instead bring yarn in the back of the peg and knit the next peg.
Working yarn: yarn knitting with
Weave ends: when the project is finished the ends of yarn weave into the knitted item.
Wrap and Turn(W&T): creates short rows; used for knitting socks.
Yarn over(YO): pick up the wrap on one peg and place on peg next to it. Now there is one empty peg and one peg with 2 loops. Make sure to wrap the empty peg when knitting row to knit off in the next row.


Supplies Needed:
Peg Loom
Yarn Hook
Yarn Needle

k - Knit Stitch
p - Purl Stitch

Recommended Yarn:
100% Cotton
*can use heavier yarns for colder weather *


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