Loom Knitting Resources

Hello Loomers!

Loom knitting isn't new but good resources are sometimes hard to come by.

Looking for stitches or patterns...

As we have started to share stitches and our own designs/patterns we also wanted to share all those that came before us. When we started loom knitting several years ago, there was a handful of loom knitters to use as resources happily they are all still around and have been thrilling as well as inspiring to watch their growth over the years.

STITCHES: The Vintage Storehouse & Company, GoodKnit Kisses, This Moment is Good, Loom knit help, Purling Sprite/Isela Phelps, KB Blog and LoomaHat are those who taught us so much. They continue to teach us.

If you learn by video YouTube is your place: GoodKnit Kisses, Tuteate and Loomahat have hundreds of tutorials.

Looking for new patterns or inspiration you must check out: This Moment is Good, GoodKnit Kisses, Tuteate, Loom Muse, Loomahat, Isela Phelps Sites/Blogs for patterns: Ravelry, KB Looms, All Free Knitting, Knifty Knitter, Lion Brand, Loom Knit Central, Leisure Arts are just a few there are many others out there.

We hope for all those new to Looming find this helpful and inspire those.

Happy Looming!

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