Loom Knitting Color Series

For the past year, I’ve really started to explore color work on the loom. One of the biggest things that attracts anyone to any fiber art is the color work. It creates such beautiful pieces. 

I must admit I didn’t realize how many different techniques or types of color work there was when I dove into the nor did I know it would be so addictive. 

Color work looks difficult? Overwhelming? 

I believed the same thing but after conquering one technique at a time. I can tell you it’s much easier than it looks. 

So, I want to share my journey with you by doing a series of color work loom knitting. Each week, I will share with you a new technique with tips along with a pattern featuring that technique. 

Let’s get started! 

The first place to start is talking about colors. Here are the color trends for  

Do you start knitting and then frog it because the colors don't work? Let's talk about colors and how to mix to create the palette you are looking for the first time. 

Properties of Color 

The hue indicates the name of the family color it belongs to. 

Hue = warmth/coolness 

Value = light/dark

Intensity= bright/dull

Tint = add white to the hue 

Shade = add black to the hue

Tone = adding black & white to the hue 

Light = pastels 

Dark = best used in Fall/Winter 

Pale = soft or romantic 

Bright = Cheerful, inviting 

Aspects of Color 

Cold- at their brightest dominating and strong would remind you of Winter; increases calm. 

Cool- these hues are calm and soothing they evoke emotions of peace and tranquility. 

Hot- Aggressive and Strong 

Warm- Cheerful, spontaneous and welcoming 

How to read and use a Color Wheel 

There are three types of color found on the color wheel. 

  1. Primary - Red, yellow, and blue 

The only hues that cannot be made by mixing other hues.

     2. Secondary- Green, orange and violet

When 2 primary hues are mixed together; found between each primary hue.

3.Tertiary- Red-orange, red-violet and blue-green 

When a primary and secondary are mixed together. 

Hope you have found this helpful we will continue to talk colors, color palettes as we go through color work techniques each week. 

Happy Looming! 

Cyndi xo


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