Loom Knit Velvet Hearts Cowl

It’s Friday!! Just wanting to spread the love that we all need now! 

I had done this heart stitch last year with cotton yarn as a free stitch.  Valentine's Day is just around the corner and some leftover velvet yarn I couldn’t think of a better project. 

To make sure the hearts stood out I did half of the cowl with a red marbled xl cotton yarn. This truly keeps your eyes on the gorgeous red hearts! 

The pattern is knitted as a flat panel and then just seamed together. Oh, the things you can create with just a rectangle :)

The red velvet brought this heart stitch to life! 

Loom Knit Velvet Hearts Cowl 

Pattern is a 16 row repeat and 20 pegs 

Measurements: 9” W  x 23” L 

Materials needed: 

Large gauge loom 

Yarn ( I used 2 different ones you can absolutely do this with just one yarn)

Cast on 20 pegs 

Row 1   Purl 

Row 2   Knit 

Row 3   K4 P1 K11 P1 K3

Row 4   K2 P3 K9 P2 K3 P1 

Row  5  K2 P5 K7 P5  K1 

Row 6   P7 K5 P7  K1

Row 7   K1 P3  K1 P3 K5 P3 K1 P3 

Row 8   P2 K3 P2 K5 P5 K3 P2 K1 

Row 9    Knit the entire row 

Row 10  Knit the entire  row 

Row 11  K10 P1 K9

Row 12  K8 P3 K9

Row 13  K8 P3 K7

Row 14  K6 P7 K7

Row 15  K7 P3 K1 P3 K6

Row 16  K6 P2 K3 P2 K7

Row 17  Knit entire row 

Row 18 Knit entire row 

*Repeat Rows 3-18 for 4 more times 

Now you will add your second yarn or continue with yarn currently used for the first half of the cowl. 

14” Garter Stitch

Basic Bind off 

You will sew your bind off end to the upper edge of the cast on end. 

To help prevent shedding if you use velvet yarn wet block it. Velvet yarn works best with simple stitches to avoid any worming of the yarn. 


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