Loom Knit Thigh High Leg Warmers

Today, I wanted to share a simple pattern that I made back in 2017 and never posted anywhere.  My Thigh High Leg Warmers were born from a custom order; they stay on your thigh and you can also slouch them for a shorter leg warmer. 

It is a quick weekend project! Whether it is for warmth, dance class or just for fashion! 

Leg warmers are knitted in the round with medium weight yarn. I created these when I didn’t have a lot of different stitches in my wheel house. 

Loom Knit Thigh High Leg Warmers Pattern: worked in the round 

  • Materials Needed: 
  • Large gauge round loom (31 pegs xs/s 36 pegs m/xl)
  • Yarn: any medium weight 
  • Loom Hook
  • Yarn Needle 
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape 

*Be sure to measure your leg length and thigh width as everyone is different :)

Cast on 31 (36) pegs 

Rows 1  P

Row   2  K

Row   3 P 

Row   4 K

Now Knit every row until desired length 

Your last 10 rows K2,P2 every row

Basic Bind off ; Weave ends in

Currently, working on a new set with different techniques! 

Happy Looming! 


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  • Hi… Can you tell me how to make this pattern a thigh high socks? Would I do the normal sock pattern and then continue up the leg with yours?? I am new to looming


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