Loom Knit Rustic Romantic Set

It is the time of year for sweaters, walks in the woods, the fireplace and hot apple cider. That is what inspired this set. The warmness of the colors and the softness of the hemp blend. This trio is a great project even for those who have just begun loom knitting! 

Yarn: Rustic Romantic (Hemp/Acrylic Blend)
Loom: Knifty knitter 36/41 peg loom

Pattern Instructions

Cowl: knitted in the round
Cast on 36(41) pegs
R 1-4 ew* cc 1
R 5-17 ew* cc 2
R 18-34 ew* mc
Bind off
Weave ends in

Hat: knitted in the round
Cast on 36(41) pegs
R 1-45 garter stitch
Gathered Bind Off
Weave ends in

Twisted Headband: knitted flat.
Cast on 11 pegs
First and last peg uk
5” purl/uk*
Move peg 6 to peg 7(will be empty)
3” Purl/uk* left side
Cut yarn
3” Purl/uk*
Pegs 1-5 move to 12-17
(yarn and needle)
5” Uk pegs 17-7
Bind off
Seam ends together; Block

PDF for this set is in shop 

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