Loom Knit Plaids

Loom Knitting Plaids 

All over social media and in fashion we are seeing plaids in many ways. It is a trend that will take us into Spring 2021. Whether you do an entire project or pops of a plaid in your project there are several styles. This inspired me to share some of the history behind the classic pattern as well as charts for you to use loom knitting your next project. 

Plaids have been around since the mid 1700’s during the winters with cloaks and the Scottish tartan kilts. When the Scottish immigrated to America a hundred years later in the West as they worked in the forests and land they continued wearing the tartan pattern which gave us the flannel shirt as we know it. The red and black plaid became legendary by Paul Bunyan for all lumberjacks and working men. 

Over the decades, the plaid has had many transformations becoming more versatile and main streamed not just for the upper class. 

In the 1920’s Burberry rose to fame in the UK for their plaid which today still is just as sought after by all. Their plaids always stay earth tones and traditional. Pendleton brought us a plaid in the 1940’s that was brighter than what had been seen. 

By the end of the 1960’s plaid was in catholic schools and prep schools. 

In the 1970’s plains was not just for the preppy anymore. Punks were now wearing this pattern, too. 

Of course, we all know Clueless which gave us a youthful version and the late great Kurt Kobain made it part of the grunge fashion look in the 90’s. For the first time plaids had a duality in the fashion world. 

Plaid has made a comeback with that preppy look by Chanel, Chloe and Dior. 


A legendary pattern that was developed  in the 17th century in India and Indonesia as a textile then imported to Europe. Since the 20th century it has taken on an American and British identity. 

This pattern has such meaning in all different countries; in Indonesia it symbolizes good and evil with the two different colors. In Japan this pattern has a spiritual meaning. In Europe it is associated with a rustic symbolism similar to America where it symbolizes the country style.

Over the decades, it has been a part of fashion history floating in and out while never forgetting it.  Today, we see it through the vintage Rockabilly fashion and popping up in various fashion trends.

What is the difference between a plaid and checkered? 

Today’s plaids consist of 2 or more colors with crossed horizontal and vertical lines. Checks are much simpler made up of tiles (looks like a checkerboard). There are several types of check patterns in fashion such as gingham, hounds tooth, buffalo check among them. 

click link for tartan pdf  


click link for gingham pdf



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