Loom Knit Lace Up Cowl

Yarn: Rustic Romantic (Yarn Bee) Blueberry Bushel this is a Hemp and Acrylic blend it is one of our favorite cold-weather fibers. It comes in an array of earth tones and so soft. Works great whether you loom knit on a large gauge or fine gauge loom.
This cowl used only half of a skein. We have also included a FREE PDF for you!!

Lace Up Cowl Pattern:
Loom: 41 peg round loom
Row counter
Loom Hook
Tapestry (yarn) needle
Tie: faux leather strap or you can knit an i cord

Worked sideways; knitted flat
Measurements: W 14" L 20" (this is vertical measurements)

Cast on all 41 pegs
e wrap back to peg 1
Row 1 Purl
Row 2 True knit stitch
Row 3- 80 Rib 2 x 2 except the following pegs:
Pegs 2 and 3: yo ssk ( every third row)
Pegs 39 and 40: k2tog yo (every third row)
Peg 41: true knit stitch (every row)
Row 81: purl
Row 82: true knit stitch
Bind off with true knit stitch
Weave ends in
Lace up through the eyelets on right and left side

This cowl you can lace up any length you choose!!

Lace up partially as shown or all the way for a chunkier cowl

yo - yarn over
k2tog- knit 2 together
ssk- slip slip knit


Recommended Yarn: 

Rustic Romantic Yarn (Yarn Bee) Hemp and Acrylic Blend used for cowl





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