Loom Knit Intarsia Hearts

It has been a busy week, new home on Shopify and our launching of our Patreon page so I thought  we would start the weekend off with a fun freebie that you can put to use all year long and add to any project. This is our double heart Intarsia chart sample shown was done with acrylic and with the u knit stitch. We have done Intarsia with Hemp, Cotton, Acrylic, Felted Wool and even Bamboo. Stitches we have used vary as we love to think outside the box; typically it is suggested to use the e wrap stitch with Intarsia which we have but it also can be done with the purl, u knit and even garter stitch. As far as looms, we have used large gauge looms as well as fine gauge looms. The fine gauge looms will give you a tighter picture.

Imagine, Inspire, Create! 

Happy Looming:)

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