Loom Knit Eyelet Finger less Gloves

Hello October! With Fall approaching we loom knitted a pair of fingerless gloves that have a thumb! They are worked in a braided eyelet stitch using Blueberry Rustic Romantic Yarn by Yarn Bee. This yarn is definitely one of our "go to" fibers for colder weather; it is a Hemp/acrylic blend in beautiful earth tone color palettes. There is a pdf in shop if you'd like to print it out. 

31 peg loom (Knifty Knitter we used) 

Braid Eyelet Stitch 

Multiple of 12                                               

R1  p1,k6, k2tog yo, k2, p1

R2 p1, k10, p1

R3 p1, k5, k2tog yo, k3, p1

R4 p1, k10, p1

R5 p1, k4, k2tog yo, k4, p1

R6 p1, k10, p1


Knitted flat; bottom up 

C/O 20 pegs(24,31)

Uwk  back to peg 1

R1-6  Rib stitch (k2,p2)

R7-12 k4, Braid stitch, k4

Begin creating thumb:

R13-  increase with first peg to the right 

R14   increase with last peg to the left 

R15- increase first peg to the right 

R16 - increase last peg to the left 

R17-22 k6, braid stitch, k6

R23 - decrease first peg 

R24 decrease last peg 

R25 decrease first peg 

R26 decrease last peg           

 R27-32 k4, braid stitch, k4

R33-36 Rib 2 x 2 (k2,p2)

Bind off; weave ends in 

Seam up side 





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