Loom Knit Edges & Borders

Add detail to any loom knit project as soon as you cast on! I’ve shared hundreds of free stitches ( which I will continue to do); no matter what your project is, we all have a similar edge or border. Let’s try something new!! 

Finding a new stitch really does become an obsession LOL ! Wow! When I started converting and loom knitting different edges and borders it has taken my patterns to a whole new level! Which you will start to see in all my new pattern releases this is why I am so excited to start sharing them with all of you. They work on any loom knit project hats, scarves, blankets and yes my favorite clothing!! I hope you enjoy them as much as I have been! Would love to see any of your finished projects just email photos to boh.lifestyledesigns@gmail.com and I will spotlight them.

The first I want to share is the Garter Points; so simple can use as a border or create a scarf and beyond. 

Garter Stitch Points

Rows 1-12 forms 1 point

Row 1 k2

Row 2 and all even true knit stitch

Row 3 yo k2

Row 5 yo k3

Row 7 yo k4

Row 8 yo k5

Row 9 yo k6

Row 10 yo k7 

Row 11 yo k8

Row 13 yo k9

Row 15 yo k10

Row 17 yo k11

Row 19 yo k12 

Cut yarn start next point once done with desired number of points garter stitch 9 rows and begin your pattern 


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