Loom Knit Chokers

Chokers go back hundreds of years to the French Revolution. In the 1960's-70's men and women wore them adding to the "romance" era made with diverse materials. Typically, crocheted today we are sharing our Loom Knit version for you to enjoy and express your individuality! 

Materials Needed: 

Yarn: Cotton

Loom: KB Loom or Knifty Knitter

yarn needle

loom hook


embellishments (optional)

Pattern Instructions:

Knitted Flat: side to side

Cast on 31(34,36,38)pegs 

U wrap knit  back to peg 1

Row 1-20 u wrap knit 

Bring first row of loops back on to each peg;knit off (just like when you make a hat)



Add Fastener (button,snap or  hook)

Lace Choker 

Cast on 31(34,36) pegs

U wrap knit back to peg 1

Row 1-15 3 step stitch 

Row 16-17  u knit

Bind off; weave ends in


Add Embellishments

Add Fastener (button, snap or hook)


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