Loom Knit Chevron Eyelets Beanie

A Summer Hat that is universal this pattern is done in the round. We did use the KB Premium Round Loom which has 3/8" peg spacing since this hat is made with 100% Cotton Yarn. The Chevron Eyelets is a stitch that you can use all year any season. For colder weather, switch to a heavier fiber and larger peg spacing. Below is the written pattern as well as the chart. The chart is read right to left; will work loom knitting flat panel, too.

Materials Needed:
Peg Loom KB Premium Round Loom was used
Yarn Hook
Yarn Needle
Yarn: Yarn Bee Sugar wheel Cotton Mini (color Savannah Sonnet)

True knit stitch: closest look to knit stitch
Put working yarn in front of the peg, above the loop on the peg. Put the hook under the loop on the peg from bottom up. Reach up, catch the working yarn with hook pull working yarn down through the loop forming a new loop. Pull loop that is still on peg off peg place new loop onto peg.

Yo, ssk: over 2 pegs move loop from yo peg to the left peg(ssk peg) ew ssk peg and the empty peg (yo peg) knit off on the ssk peg. This creates a left lean.

K2tog, yo: work over 2 pegs move loop from the yo peg to the right (k2tog peg) knit off peg with 2 loops ewrap empty peg. This creates a right lean.

Gathered Bind off:
Cut the working yarn leaving 1 ½ x’s the loom. Thread the yarn tail through the tapestry needle. Pass the needle
Up and under the 1st stitch on the loom. Remove the stitch from the peg and leave it on the needle go to the next peg and continue working around the loom until all stitches have been removed and on yarn tail. (can remove loops after all pegs are threaded)
Pull yarn tail cinching top of item closed pass needle thru center of gathered stitches turn item inside out; do a few securing stitches. Knot yarn and weave in tail.

Modified Bind off for Hats:
If the loom has odd number pegs do not move the stitch from the last peg.
Once ready to bind off, move every other stitch over one peg. Work each peg by knit or purl.
Row 1: place yarn below 1st peg with loop and pull ( as if purl) take off peg. Passing yarn behind pegs skip next peg with loop and move to 2nd peg with a loop; Repeat to end.
Row 2: place yarn on 1st peg with loop knit pull thru take off peg yarn behind empty peg and continue until all are off loom turn inside out and pull closed. Do a few securing stitches and weave in ends.

Chevron Eyelets double stacked

E wrap Cast on all pegs
Rows 1-4 Garter Stitch (R1 true knit, R2 Purl)
Row 5 begin Chevron Eyelet Stitch

  • R1- yo ssk, k10t
  • R2 and all even true knit
  • R3- k1, yo ssk, k7, k2tog yo
  • R5- k2, yo ssk, k5, k2tog yo, k1
  • R7- k3, yo ssk, k3, k2tog yo, k2
  • R9- k6, yo ssk, k4
  • R11- k4, k2tog yo, k1, yo ssk, k3
  • R13- k3, k2tog yo, k3, yo ssk, k2
  • R15- k2, k2tog yo, k5, yo ssk, k1

Repeat stitch 2 times
Purl for 2” ( increase # inches for longer hat)
Gathered Bind off

Supplies Needed:
Peg Loom
Yarn Hook
Yarn Needle

k - Knit Stitch
p - Purl Stitch
k2tog- knit 2 together
yo- yarn over
ssk- slip, slip, knit


Recommended Yarn:
100% Cotton
*can use heavier yarns for colder weather *


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