Loom Knit Boho Crossover Bag

This is a great project for anyone even if you are new to loom knitting. Knits up great with any fiber or loom. Whether it is for you or a gift! 

Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver  color: Boho Tribe and Black 

Loom: KB All in One Loom 

Pattern: knitted as a flat panel

flat knit stitch used 

Cast on 48 pegs 

ew back to peg 1

Knit for 12"

Basic Bind off 


Cast on 16 pegs 

Knit for 46" 

Bind off 


Fold bottom up 5" (this will leave a 2" fold over for flap)

Sew strap on each side 

Seam sides of bag 


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