Loom Knit Argyle

Loom Knitting Argyle 

This Fall, I have been working on color work stitches and patterns on the loom. I couldn’t leave out this timeless pattern. There are many variations in the pattern such as how many colors to use and the sizing of the pattern. 

Although it is worn year round it always reminds of the holiday season and growing up in New England. Sweaters and accessories in rich, warm colors in the colder months. 

As Spring approaches you would the Argyle would change to beautiful pastels.

A Little history behind the pattern:

The Argyle pattern comes originally from the tartan of Clan Campbell of Argyll in West Scotland in the 17th Century. It wasn’t until the 1920’s after World War 1 that this diamond pattern was considered fashionable. Kathyrn Hephburn wore in the 1950’s yet it still took until the 1960’s to find its way in the fashion world with womens mini skirts. In the 1990’s the golf world put this pattern in the spotlight on and off the course. Todd Oldhman in 1994 created a collection for his line of this timeless pattern. 

Here we are today, the Argyle pattern can be found in its traditional form or see  how today's designers have given it new life. You can find it on almost anything from clothing, to home goods. 

It is easier than you may think to loom knit. The finished project is beautiful. 

You can use it for your entire project or insert where you chose. The size loom you use really depends on the yarn weight. 

I loom knitted cowls using the Argyle pattern on the KB Premium Round with a Hemp/Acrylic blended yarn. Absolutely, love the way it came out! 

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