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Morning Loomers!

It's a fabulous day here in sunny Florida and let me tell you. We are fortunate to have sunny days most of the year here and wanted to share fibers we loom knit with for the weather. Yes, it is still winter in most parts of the country and even a storm hitting many. On the bright side, Spring is on its way then comes Summer. The two seasons of the year that you don't need to use acrylic or even heavier fibers. Our designs are made with cotton, linen, bamboo, and hemp. Love our finer gauge looms but we do also create a lot of amazing designs using lighter fiber with larger looms. Before knitting an entire hat or any other pattern with a different yarn definitely knit a swatch so you will know what it is going to look like. Have fun and explore there are so many incredible fibers available and the colors that are out there WOW!!

Cotton is a natural-based fiber great alternative for a wool allergy and you can wear it at least 3 seasons of the year. Mercerized cotton is the way it was treated it is a bit stronger, not as soft as 100% Cotton but it will produce less lint and may not shrink or lose shape.

There are also, many blends with cotton from bamboo, nylon, to even hemp. It creates beautiful soft light pieces. If using a smaller gauge loom it will show such definition in your stitches. Cotton you block by steaming.

Linen you actually block using an iron although expert knitters do state linen doesn't need to be blocked. Linen will keep you cool on a hot summer day due to its natural thermo-regulating it absorbs the moisture while keeping it away from the body.

Linen is lightweight and easy to care for making it great for travel. Looming with Hemp, if you choose to try 100% Hemp when you get your skein it'll be a little stiff don't worry it will soften as it will continue to soften with each wash. There are also many blends with Hemp that you can choose from today. It is a yarn you feel good using. Hemp has been around in crafting since the 1960s while even Levi's used it for their jeans.

Any of these fibers are perfect for that Spring or Summer project!

Explore and Have Fun Creating!

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