How to Loom Granny Squares

Hey Loomers!

There are many misconceptions about what can be created by loom knitting. Over my years of looming, I've found that It's just about how you look at it and not fear being creative and thinking outside of the loom. Anyone who loom knits can create trendy pieces seen in stores and all over social media. For example, knitting stitches can be converted to the loom, unfortunately, you can't convert crochet exactly but we did find that you can still loom knit granny squares. We discovered that you can create a granny square with looming and check out Lily Oaks video on Youtube. We've made it easy, the video is below, so keep reading.

Lily has a great tutorial for loom knitting Granny Squares/Rounds. We have made many following her easy steps. So, if you've been dying to make that granny top, sweater or jacket check out her video.

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