31 Days of Loom Knitting Stitches - Day 23 Seed Stitch Diamonds

Today's stitch is the Seed Stitch Diamonds Stitch

Happy Looming Loomers!


Supplies Needed:

Peg Loom
Yarn Hook
Yarn Needle

k - Knit Stitch
p - Purl Stitch


Recommended Yarn:
100% Cotton
100% Acrylic
*can use heavier yarns for colder weather *


R1 - k8 p1 k8

R2 - k7 p1 k1 p1 k7

R3 - k6 p1 (p1 k1 three times ) 1 twice k6

R4 - k5 (p1 k1 three times)


R5 - k4 p1 (k1 p1 four times)

R6 - k3 (p1 k1 five times) p1

R7 - k2 p1 (k1 p1 six times)k2

R8 - (k1 p1 8 times) k1

R9 - same as R7

R10 - same as R6

R11 - same as R5

R12 - same as R4

R13 - same as R3

R14 - same as R2


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