Loom Knit Oversized Clutch

This is the first bag I made a few years ago; thankfully oversized bags are in style in 2021!! Lion Brands Thick & Quick Wool Ease in Mustard just screams Autumn! Change color for Winter or Spring! The buttons are wooden which added the perfect detail and funtional. The entire bag is loom knitted with the e wrap stitch makes this a fun and quick project! 

Loom: large gauge 41 peg 

Yarn: Lion Brand Thick & Quick Wool Ease Mustard 

Measurements: 20" W x 18" L 

this is knitted flat on a round loom (once you get to the last peg turn right back around; never connecting the first and last peg together)

Cast on 41 pegs 

e wrap knit for 16" 

Basic bind off; weave ends in


Tri- fold your panel 

seam both sides 5" up each

fold over flap 4 1/2" 

sew on buttons or snaps (2" in from side and 6" apart) if you chose for the closure of the bag 


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