Loom Knit Diamond Halter Top

 The Diamond shaped Halter Top originally designed in the 60's has come back in popularity. Kylie Jenner wore it!!  It has been crocheted, knitted and I am so excited to bring you the Loom Knit Version. This is such a quick and easy pattern no matter what your skill set is. 

Materials Needed:

Loom: any size with 25-41 pegs

Yarn: cotton or acrylic

Loom Hook Yarn Needle Scissors Measuring Tape Row Counter

Pattern Instructions:

Halter is worked as a flat panel (loom knitting side to side)

Cast on 2 pegs

2(4) rows TK

Now you will begin to increase 2 pegs per row (one peg on the right and one on the left )

Continue until you have reached the middle of the loom: 25 pegs = pegs 6 and 20 35 pegs = pegs 9 and 28 41 pegs = pegs 11 and 31

Now you will begin to decrease 2 pegs each row( one peg on right and one on left) until you have 2 pegs left

Bind off

Increase: make 1 by wrapping the empty peg on the right; TK wrapped pegs finish the TK rest of the row. After the last peg make 1 by wrapping the empty peg on the left TK back to the first peg; continue until all needed pegs are completed.

Decrease: TK peg then move to the left, knit those two together; TK rest of the row repeat until you have 2 pegs left

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Happy Looming!


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